Beggar’s Bridge are a band from Hull who write tuneful and engaging song-stories in the best folk traditions, often based upon tales of people, places and events from their home county of East Yorkshire. Their sound has a timeless quality to it, feeling at once traditional, yet contemporary, and they have earned an excellent reputation at folk clubs, venues and festivals around the North and beyond for their live performances, as well as garnering some outstanding reviews in the national folk press for their recorded output. It’s not just the music which makes a Beggar’s Bridge gig memorable, though; the song-stories are explained with a good helping of earthy humour, making for an experience which is not only musically satisfying, but amusing and informative too…


Beggars Abridged!
Please note that Beggar’s Bridge can adapt their format to suit all venues and occasions. So, if you’re a folk club which prefers its guests to perform without amplification, or your venue is simply too small to accommodate all of us, we can strip things back accordingly and still play for you!




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Short Stories, Tall Tales - Beggar's Bridge

"A memorable piece of folk rock"
– Tim Carroll,

"Beggar’s Bridge craft songs from stories in the way that John Conolly and Bill Meek did in their heyday and that is high praise indeed" - Dai Jeffries,

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"What stands out with these songs is the concision of the lyrics - no flab and false sentiment. The arrangements, too, are just right; this is a band of musicians experienced enough to know when to leave spaces for one another. Nothing's crowded, and everything meshes together perfectly. Very impressive."
~ R2 magazine

"There should be more bands like Beggar's Bridge taking the lore and legend of their own backyard and turning up the volume on specifically local electric roots."
~ fRoots magazine

"All in all, Beggar’s Bridge have given us an enthusiastic modern-day folk-rock album that’s strongly rooted in timeless storytelling and folk tradition, with writing the benchmark of whose craft is pitched well above the routine."
~ The Living Tradition