Albion, by Al Catton


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The solo album by our guitar genius Al features a collection guitar-based instrumentals with a smattering of flute. Mainly Celtic in nature, but with the occasional diversion to folk/blues.

Track listing:

  1. By the Cleveland Way
  2. The Ebberston Chapel
  3. St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay
  4. Bonnie by the River
  5. The Valley Forge
  6. Watersmeet
  7. Wolds Home
  8. The Grey Havens
  9. The Rowley Witch
  10. Saturnalia
  11. Beggars Bridge Blues
  12. By Innominate Tarn
  13. Emerald Rising
  14. Albion

All tracks by Alan Catton except The Rowley Witch by Alan Catton/Mark Pollard

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