Beggar’s Bridge – Riding East


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This is our debut album, released in 2012.

Riding East is an album with its identity and inspiration firmly rooted in the East Riding of Yorkshire, from where all the members of Beggar’s Bridge hail. Nearly all of the songs deal with the maritime, urban and rural heritage of the county, often shedding light on little-known or long-forgotten stories of people, places and events, and all are recounted with warmth, passion, honesty and sensitivity. Some bounce merrily along, while others strike a more melancholy tone, but there is a clear and consistent feel, which is only partly explained by the modest range of traditional instruments used and the individual elements of the album present a nicely unified whole.

Track listing:

The Rowley Witch

Gypsy Rose McRae

Harry Eddom

The Kiplingcotes Derby

Last of the Wold Rangers

Willow May

Land of Chalk and Clay

Taken Away By the Sea

Old Forgotten Tales

Kings That Chase the Beast