Don’t Forget

In honour of our Great Leaders.

The tallest tree and the biggest ocean and the wind and the tide
A marching army and a host of demons won’t make a hole in your pride
But don’t forget that when you’ve climbed your mountain and all your battles are won
You’re only drinking from the sweetest fountain on the strength of your gun

The heart that burns when your colours are flying and your flag is unfurled
A price to pay but it’s worth all the crying to make your mark on the world
But don’t forget that when your work is over and you lay down in your bed
You’ll only dream the fields of whitest clover through a river of red

You take the spoils yeah you played your part you’re on a victory parade
It feels so good now in your empty heart to know that you made the grade
But don’t forget that when you’re old and failing and all the years cloud your eyes
You’re ever-closer to the pain and the wailing of the ones you saw die

Don’t forget you’re only here till you’re leaving
Don’t forget it’s just a matter of time
Before you face up to the blood and the grieving
And look inside to see the depth of your crime of your crime of your crime

It’s time to go now on your final journey they put you into the ground
Your body breaks up and your soul is burning you scream but there is no sound
But don’t forget that when you reach for the riches and you make power your friend
That all the lakes of fire and burning ditches will come to you in the end